Skeletons Don't Sleep

By Kelly & Jeff Halldorson

This is the true, gut-wrenching story of a man, his life in pieces, who overcomes all the odds through his courage to face the demon of his childhood - helped by the love of a woman.


Sexually abused for years as a boy by his adoptive father, the teenager finally decides to reveal his terrible secret. But, instead of care and protection, he is forced to withdraw his accusation - and becomes a victim again when sent to a shocking institution by his abuser.


There he is subjected to more degradation, physical and mental...a victim once again. His life as a young man heads downhill until he falls in love and regains his lost soul. And, finally, he sees justice served after seventeen years of torment.


Skeletons is a must-read for anyone who admires the human spirit fighting against adversity - and it is a true love story

Kelly Halldorson 2020