Navigating the Mental Health Shitstorm

By Kelly Halldorson

There is no question the current Mental Health System in the United States (and other countries) is a complete ShitStorm. This book doesn’t mince words. It not only walks you through the biggest issues facing patients and their families it also provides you with specific solutions and the occasional work-a-round. 


The breakdown in the system of care is often boiled down in the media to dollar signs and politics. The problem is much more insidious than that. Family members are, often, left out of the loop regarding the care of their loved ones - even when the relatives are released from a hospital setting to their care. What other areas of healthcare would this be acceptable?


This leaves family members frustrated, confused and without the very necessary tools and resources to be the best caregiver they can for their loved ones. This book offers family members those much-needed tools, shows them the importance of caring for themselves too, and gives them permission to advocate.

Kelly Halldorson 2020