Navigating Relationships with Difficult People.

An alternative to cutting people out of your life.

The trend lately is to encourage people to walk away from challenging relationships. Certainly, sometimes that is appropriate yet it isn’t always an option. It’s also not always desirable.

This program is a goal-oriented and aimed at finding balance and boundaries. The only person you can control is yourself. And when you make changes in yourself, the world and the people around change as a result. We will work on communication tools that will help you get there.

mental health issues, substance abuse, trust, intense emotions, political and/or religious differences, expectations, relationship mindfulness, and lots more. 

Topics Covered

Relationships with Difficult People
Time is TBD
Who is this for?

Anyone and everyone interested in building stronger relationship practices and more peaceful encounters - whether it’s with your spouse, your child, or the local day cleaner. 

What is required?

An open mind and heart. A willingness to commit to practicing the skills (and do homework) between sessions. Many will share their successes and challenges in open discussions, which you're free to contribute too. 

What is provided?

Course material. Supplemental book list. Text/email support between classes. 

Kelly Halldorson 2020